Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Ability to Touch Someone

by C. Michelle Jefferies

I just spent about 24 hours in the presence of other writers. This last weekend was the LDStorymakers Conference. Oh my Gosh! Talk about the most energizing, uplifting, happy and exhausting hours I've had this year.

I met new friends, saw old friends and made connections. I learned so much and had so much fun. It was awesome.

I'm not here today to brag about it though. I'm here today to tell you one of the reasons I go to these conferences.

I'm sure some people think that there's no reason to go to more than a few of these. That is the worst idea. Ever. While learning things is important, especially in this ever changing world of publishing. There's something important about writers meetings and conferences that is often overlooked.


Every single success I've had in the publishing world has been because of a connection I've made at a meeting, workshop, or conference. Every. Single. One.

Winning contests, (the ability to call myself an award winning author). Requests from publishers, edits and crit partners, successful and not successful (but taught me some valuable lessons) pitch sessions, author pictures by professional photographers. Friends and amazing books that I've learned from. Every single moment that has brought me here. To the point of being published and maybe having an agent has been because of connections.

So next time your tempted to think that you don't need to go to the next conference or meeting you hear about. . . Stop. Think about the connections you could be making and sign up. I promise its worth it.

The path to wisdom is not always straight. 

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