Saturday, June 01, 2013

Time to Open the Store

By Keith N Fisher

Have I mentioned I’m at a point in my writing career when I have several books in different stages of submission? I feel like a merchant who’s been building an inventory, getting ready to open the store.

In my writing, rather than concentrating on one book at time, I’ve kept a project file. Whenever I got bored with a plot, or it just wasn’t working, I’d turn to another plot and write it for a while. It’s a good way of avoiding writer’s block, but it also allowed me the freedom to follow the muse. Like when I submit a manuscript, and forget it while I move on to something else.

Now, a lot of those projects are drawing near to publication. I’m waiting to hear from a publisher on one. Another, is with beta readers, another is going to critique, and so on. Part of the reason for all the books, is the length of time publishers are taking in the submission process. Time is valuable and it’s difficult to get through the stack.

Still, I wish it went quicker. It’s been a year since I submitted, The Hillside, to the current publisher. It was two years at another one before that. (Long story.) I’ve almost forgotten what I wrote about.

With that kind of track record, and the number of manuscripts I have ready, I could be submitting for the next several years. Not to mention my Dutch oven cookbook.

"What do you do for a living?"

"I submit manuscripts to publishers."

However, there are many plots in my project file. Some are half-written. I will be writing into my nineties and beyond. Nice to have your career all laid out for you. I just hope I get published soon.

Good luck with your writing—see you next week.

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Unknown said...

Best of luck to you, Keith! I hope that your books all get published soon. :)