Tuesday, August 06, 2013

10 Reasons Print Will Always Be Better Than Electronic Copy

1. You don't have to back it up. (Although, you should always have two copies, for safety's sake)

2. Your five year old can't erase ink with a fridge magnet.

3. If the power goes out, you can read by candlelight without having to keep an eye on the battery gauge.

4. You can read it in the tub without worrying about destroying your entire library.

5. Print has never, ever disappeared into the ethereal world of bytes and bits, never to be seen again.

6. You can look at the cover to see what's inside, you don't have to wonder 'which thumb drive did I put that on, again?'

7. No worries about going through airport security.

8. If you red-pen a print manuscript, then decide to go back to the way it was written in the first place, the original way is still there - you can just read it through the ink.

9. Print can be read no matter what operating system or word processing program you have, and it will never be obsolete two months after you buy the book.

10. No matter how good the technology gets, neither a Kindle nor a Nook will never feel, or smell, like a real hardcover. And it will never look as good on a shelf.


Starship said...

well i agree but I wonder if books will be more than historical objects in the next 200 years or so

Keith N Fisher said...

good post.