Thursday, April 09, 2015

Is Your Toner Dying?

by C. Michelle Jefferies 

By toner I mean the tone and style of your writing.

What genre do you write?

Is it happy romance? Creepy mysteries? Cold Scifi?

Does the tone of your setting and other details fit with your story?

If you write lighthearted romance, are your characters generally happy? The setting bright and cheery? The conflict serious but not life shattering?

If you write horror is your setting dark and creepy? The antagonist dark and rough in contrast to the protagonist? Does the plot and conflict reflect the dark of the story?

If you write scifi is your setting cold and vast? The characters intelligent and technical? The plot full of scientific twists and turns?

If your setting, plot, characters among other things do not reflect your genre readers are going to notice.

Be authentic and take the time to really flesh out the little details that creates a connection between reader and story.


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